Privacy Trees Along Fence: Why You Need Them

Are you looking for reliable tree service in Leesburg? Beautiful privacy trees along fences increase the value of your property and add privacy to your home. Tree service professionals offer various species of trees to improve the curb appeal of your property and protect your home from inclement weather. 

Enjoy your backyard all year long by contacting your local tree service professionals. Trees for privacy provide ample shade for blistering hot summer days and allow sunlight to reach your home when the winter winds arrive. Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits of privacy trees along your fence. 

Types of Privacy Trees

When planning the design of your backyard landscape, consider the different types of trees for backyards. All trees maintain different growing heights, canopy sizes, and soil requirements. Speak with local tree professionals to find the perfect trees for your home. 

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees include species like birch, oak, maple, and willow. The leaves of deciduous trees change beautiful colors in autumn and eventually fall away from the tree when winter arrives. The benefits of deciduous trees planted for privacy along your fence include the following: 

  • Tall heights
  • Allows direct sunlight to reach your home in the winter
  • Ample shade 
  • Colorful canopies 

Popular Georiga deciduous trees include Flowering Dogwoods, Eastern Redbuds, and Sweet Birch. Deciduous trees remain less prone to insect infestations and weather damage than softwood trees. Consider planting deciduous trees for privacy along your fence if you reside in an area that experiences bouts of stormy conditions and frost. 

Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees include species like fir, spruce, hemlock, and pine. Evergreen trees produce needles or scales for leaves and retain their leaves all season long. The benefits of evergreen privacy trees along fences include: 

  • Protection from sound pollution
  • Year-round shade 
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • Rich green canopies

Georgia residents utilize popular evergreen trees such as Eastern Red Cedars, Virginia Pines, and Fraser Firs to provide privacy for their homes all year round. Plant evergreen trees in the late Spring or Fall in areas of full sun to encourage the healthy growth of your trees. Local tree experts offer fast-growing trees that are perfect for adding privacy to your property. 

Tips For Planting Privacy Trees Along Fence 

Always determine the ideal growth rate and the maximum height of trees before planting trees in your backyard. To achieve optimal shade, privacy, and beauty for your property, speak with local tree services to determine the perfect trees suited for your home’s soil and weather conditions. Other factors to consider when planting privacy trees along fences include: 

  • Width of trees
  • Underground utility lines
  • Size of root systems
  • Watering needs

Contact your local tree experts for help finding the best privacy trees along fences for your property today! 

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