Can You Move a Tree on Your Leesburg, GA, Property?

Few people think about relocating a tree. In fact, when a tree’s current location poses a challenge, most often choose to remove it entirely.

However, what if you don’t want to say goodbye yet? Can you move a tree on your Leesburg, GA, property without killing it? Read on as Leesburg’s certified tree service takes a closer look at how you can safely transplant trees.

Common Reasons for Moving a Tree

One of the best ways to establish firm roots is to plant a tree on your property. However, a lot can change. Eventually, you might need to move your tree for various reasons.

For instance, the tree might have grown too big and now sits dangerously close to your home. Sometimes, you might be looking to either extend your home or add a new landscaping project.

Transplanting a Tree

Can you move a tree without damaging or killing it? Yes, it is possible to safely move your tree. The process can be quite complicated, though, especially when moving a large tree.

Fortunately, with a bit of planning and a lot of help from a certified arborist, you won’t need to worry about killing your tree in the process. Below, we list the steps they’ll take when transplanting your tree.

Site Preparation

The first and most crucial step involves picking, evaluating, and preparing the new site. Getting the site ready before the move will go a long way toward ensuring the process is successful. Ideally, you want to pick a spot with plenty of space, good drainage, and full sun exposure.

Root Pruning

This process should begin a few months before the relocation. Doing so gives your tree’s root system time to grow feeder roots that’ll help the tree adapt.

Move the Tree

You should schedule the move for autumn or early spring when the tree is dormant. Once the tree is ready, your arborist will:

  • Soak the soil to ensure it sticks together
  • Dig a trench, exposing the root ball
  • Wrap the roots in natural burlap
  • Uproot the tree
  • Set the tree at the same depth, filling around the roots with the removed soil

Maintaining a Transplanted Tree

You still have work to do once the move is complete, though. In fact, without extra care, the shock your tree experiences during the move can kill it.

To be safe, we recommend regularly and deeply watering the tree during the first few weeks. Also, avoid adding fertilizer to allow it to focus on rebuilding its root system.

Reach Out to Green Acres Tree Service for Assistance

Can you move a tree without killing it? No matter how big your tree is, it is possible to transplant it without harming it. However, getting the right help will be key.

Whether you want to move a tree or plant trees in the front yard of your Leesburg, GA, property, Green Acres Tree Service can help. Call us at (229) 881-2538 to schedule a consultation and get your free estimate.


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