Things To Consider Before Planting Trees in Front Yard

Adding variation to your landscaping may seem as easy as planting trees in the front yard. While trees serve as beautiful natural decorations, choosing the right ones to plant depends on factors many homeowners don’t expect. If you’re planning to add trees to your front yard, check out these things to consider from Green Acres Tree Service & Land Clearing, the most knowledgeable and effective tree company in Leesburg.

Why Do You Want Front Yard Trees?

Because most homes come with small front yards, knowing why you want to plant trees there helps determine the best type of tree for your situation. If you want to improve your home’s curb appeal without blocking the view, ornamental trees provide a beautiful centerpiece without taking up too much space. For homeowners looking to lower their utility bill, you may plant shade trees like oaks or maples that grow tall and spread out their limbs.

Can Your Front Yard Support Trees?

Trees look beautiful but need access to sun and water to survive. It’s also important to consider how long does it take for a tree to grow when choosing the right species, as this affects how quickly your yard will achieve its desired look. Consider your home’s surrounding area before planting trees in the front yard. Some tree species perform well through most types of weather, while others die when exposed to extreme temperatures. Choosing the type of tree you need depends on factors including:

  • Sun access
  • Rain frequency
  • Soil depth
  • Room for growth

How Much Space Do You Have for Trees?

Some tree species have long-reaching roots that can interfere with underground cables and plumbing. When planting front yard trees, you need to consider how far those roots will grow and whether or not you can plant them far enough away from your house. Most small trees won’t have the same root reach as larger ones, so smaller yards should use smaller trees.

How Much Time Do You Want To Devote to Maintenance?

Most trees require some form of maintenance. Evergreen trees make an excellent choice for low-maintenance front yard decoration, as they rarely need pruning and only need mulching and watering during hot, dry seasons. Trees needing constant maintenance may require more of your time and energy. Some tree maintenance tips include:

  • Trimming your tree to prevent overgrowth
  • Watering them or running an irrigation line to them
  • Testing the soil to ensure the right acidity
  • Inspecting for disease or signs of pests

Do You Need Permits to Plant Trees?

In some situations, you may have to acquire a permit to plant a tree in your front yard. While Albany, GA, may not appear to have ordinances requiring a permit to plant on private property, they require you to get a permit for tree removal if the tree’s trunk spans six inches or more. Consult a professional tree service to learn more about adding or removing trees from your property.

Plant Trees in Your Front Yard With Albany’s Tree Professionals

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