How To Grow Grass Under Your Tree

Gorgeous green grass and robust trees can do wonders for any Albany property. However, many residents have trouble growing grass under their trees, creating unsightly dirt patches along their exterior that prevent their property from looking its best. Fortunately, Green Acres Tree Service and Land Clearing created this guide to explain how to grow grass under trees and the best shade-tolerant grass for Albany exteriors. 

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Why Is It Difficult To Grow Grass Under Trees?

Trees cast immense shade over properties that make it difficult to grow grass, plants, and shrubs efficiently. The shade restricts sunlight, preventing grass from performing photosynthesis, an essential process that promotes growth.

Additionally, trees compete with grass for nutrients and moisture and often don’t leave enough for the grass to thrive. This can kill the grass, creating unattractive brown patches that hinder your property’s curb appeal.

Other problems inhibiting understory grass growth include:

  • Mowing the grass too short
  • Excess leaf litter
  • Foot traffic

How To Grow Grass Under Trees: Three Tips

Although maintaining grass under trees isn’t easy, it isn’t impossible. Continue reading for tips to help you learn how to grow grass under trees:

1. Plant Shade-Tolerant Grass

Some grass varieties thrive in shady conditions and grow under trees without issue. Many only need four hours of sunlight and don’t require additional maintenance. Simply scatter some shade-tolerant grass seeds around your tree and keep them well-watered until they sprout.

Consider some of these common grass species for tree shade:

  • Chewings fescue
  • Creeping red fescue
  • Sheep fescue
  • Hard fescue

2. Trim the Tree’s Canopy

Trimming the tree’s canopy will allow more sunlight underneath the tree, helping the grass grow healthy and dense. Remove a few lower limbs and interior branches to thin the canopy and promote photosynthesis.

However, never pure more than one-third of the tree’s canopy. Cutting too many limbs will harm the tree and increase the risk of pests and disease.

3. Keep the Soil Moist

Since trees and grass often fight for water and nutrients, keeping the soil moist will ensure both have enough to grow and survive. Apply half an inch of water to the soil twice a week to keep the soil moist and ensure optimal grass and tree health.

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