What Are the Signs of Ash Tree Disease in Leesburg, GA?

What are the signs of ash tree disease? If you have several specimens in your yard and notice some unusual changes, it’s time to take a closer look. 

As Leesburg’s expert tree service, we at Green Acres Tree Service & Land Clearing know our local arboreal adversaries like the back of our hand. Keep reading as we offer insight and help protect your living landscape.

Identifying Ash Tree Disease

You might assume this issue just stems from one pesky pathogen, right? It’s not quite that simple. Our yards teem with various culprits, with each one capable of wreaking havoc in their own unique way. 

That’s why tackling the disease is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Only specific treatments can restore a specimen’s health and prevent the problem from spreading.

Recognizing Ash Tree Health Issues

Keep an eye out for the symptoms of ash tree disease. Swift intervention can make all the difference:

  • Anthracnose: This fungal infection makes its debut with discolored, sunken lesions on stems and leaves. It thrives in moist conditions and often leads to premature leaf drop and a noticeably sadder tree demeanor.
  • Ash yellows: Ash yellows are more stealthy but no less devastating; they stem from a phytoplasma that stunts growth and turns leaves a pale, sickly yellow. Your infected specimen may look like they’re perpetually in autumn’s grip, even in the flush of spring.
  • Ash rust: Ash rust is a fungus that attacks leaves, particularly flower clusters. Signs of ash tree illness include orange or yellow spots that look uncannily like the tree caught a bad case of measles.
  • Root rot: What are the signs of ash tree disease when the issue lurks below the surface? Some fungi attack the root system and cause plants to exhibit various symptoms, from slow growth to wilted, discolored leaves.
  • Verticillium wilt: This disease causes sudden wilting, yellowing, and browning of leaves that often begin on one side of the tree. It’s like watching half your tree give up the ghost, while the other side remains in blissful ignorance.

Pests Are Also a Big Problem

Fungi, bacteria, and viruses aren’t the only worries for our ash specimens. Insects like the emerald ash borer (EAB) can turn your beautiful tree into a buffet. This little green beetle might look pretty, but its larvae burrow deep into the bark and disrupt the tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients.

Other insects to watch out for include the banded ash borer and the ash bark beetle, which can cause significant damage without quick detection.

Diagnosing Ash Tree Disease Indicators

What are the signs of ash tree disease? With so many possible symptoms and culprits, it’s like trying to solve a complex puzzle where the pieces keep changing. 

Why not leave the detective work to Green Acres Tree Service & Land Clearing? We know the characteristics of ash tree ailments inside and out. 

Dial (229) 881-2538 or read our blog and learn the signs you need to remove a tree.  


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