4 Major Signs You Need to Remove a Tree From Your Yard

Dead trees can play a vital part in the ecosystem, but a dead or diseased tree could be the last thing you want in your yard. While trees can add value to your property and shade to your yard, sometimes it can be beneficial to remove a tree from your property.

In this article, we will take a look at four signs that it’s time to hire a tree removal company.

1. A Dead Tree

When trees are alive, they offer an aesthetic appeal to your yard. Their leaves provide shade during the hot summer months. Once a tree dies, it loses its appeal and takes on a more sinister appearance.

A dead tree is prone to infestation and decay. There is an increased chance of large branches breaking off and falling. You can be certain that a dead tree in your yard is no longer contributing to the value of your property.

One of the biggest problems comes in identifying whether a tree is dead. Most trees go through a dormant season during which they conserve their energy for the spring. Trees will often appear dead during this time.

If you’re worried that you might have a dead tree in your yard, then it’s best to contact a tree removal company in your area to ascertain whether the tree is dead. 

2. A Decaying, Infested, or Diseased Tree

Decay leads to structural issues in the tree. Not only can this lead to falling tree limbs, but it also increases the chances of tree infestation. If a tree becomes infested with insects or other pests, then it will eventually die if it can’t be treated.

Just like disease in a tree, infestations can easily spread to other trees and plants on your property. A qualified arborist can help to stop infestations and prevent further decay or the spread of disease.

However, in severe cases, tree trimming and tree pruning might not be sufficient. Removal might be your only option.

3. Starting a New Project

Perhaps you’re thinking about taking on a new landscaping project or extending your home. If so, there’s a chance that an old tree might be in the way of your plans.

Land clearing will remove any obstacles from the area, providing you with the room you need. Forestry mulching is an efficient way to clear land so you have space for your new project.

Tree services can also offer to relocate the tree if you don’t want to remove it completely.

4. Potential for Structural Damage

If a tree is close to your home and its integrity is compromised, there could be a risk of structural damage. This could be the result of storm damage to the tree or decay.

If you’re worried that a tree in your yard might be at risk of causing damage to your property, then our emergency tree services can help protect your property from damage. 

Is It Time to Remove a Tree?

If you’ve exhausted your options and it’s time to remove a tree from your yard in the Albany, GA area, then Green Acres Tree Service has you covered.

We provide all the services mentioned above and we’re happy to schedule a consultation to walk you through our services and offer a free quote. Don’t hesitate to contact us today


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