What to Put on Tree Limbs After Cutting?

Have you finally taken the leap and trimmed your beloved tree? Congratulations! Whether it’s to give your landscape a facelift or for health purposes, pruning brings a wealth of benefits when done right.

Now, you’re probably wondering what to put on tree limbs after cutting them. As the go-to tree trimming and pruning company in Albany, GA, our team at Green Acres Tree Service & Land Clearing knows a thing or two about plant care.

Many people erroneously believe that you need to seal the wounds of a plant, but this could actually end up doing more harm than good. Read on as we break down the nitty-gritty details to help your specimen bounce back faster!

How Trees Heal Themselves

Did you know that trees can naturally mend their wounds without human intervention? Experts call the process compartmentalization, where the plant forms a barrier between the healthy and damaged parts.

This new layer comprises lignin, a special coating of tissue that both physically and chemically repels harmful organisms. It’s the very substance that gives the outermost part of trees their signature woody texture!

Lignin usually forms at the edge of a wound and works its way toward the center. New, healthy growth eventually spreads on top of this shell, completely covering the damaged area.

Why We Don’t Recommend Artificial Wound Dressings

We understand how unusual it may seem to just leave your specimen alone after a trim, but it’s usually the best thing you can do. A tree pruning sealer can:

  • Seal in present insects, mold spores, and bacteria, promoting decay and infection
  • Contain ingredients that attract harmful organisms or affect the plant’s health
  • Stress the tree and create a longer window of vulnerability
  • Hinder the natural drying process, creating an environment where fungus thrives
  • Lead to irregular future growth

Keep in mind that there are exceptions to the rule. Oak trees, for instance, emit a sweet-smelling sap that attracts Nitidulid beetles. These opportunistic bugs carry oak wilt — a fast-spreading disease that can kill your specimen within months.

Sealants can help prevent this ailment, but always speak to a certified arborist first!

Pruning Done Right

Don’t worry too much about what to put on tree limbs after cutting; proper trimming practices make a much bigger difference. Our top tips include:

  • Generally, avoid pruning during the spring or summer
  • Use sharp, clean pruning tools and store them in a dry place.
  • Make your cut just slightly above the branch collar. This is the part where the tree branch grows from the trunk with a thicker, slightly raised shape.
  • Give your tree a deep drink after pruning to ensure it stays hydrated during wound recovery.
  • Fertilize your tree with a low-nitrogen blend.

Call our experts at Green Acres Tree Service & Land Clearing at 229-881-2538 for more insight into what to put on tree limbs after cutting. Our experienced crew will gladly assess your specimen and provide tailor-fit care! We also encourage you to explore our blog and learn how to trim tree limbs, prepare for tree removal, and other useful advice.


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