How to Trim Tree Limbs the Right Way

Homeowners often rush into tree trimming projects without learning how to trim tree limbs properly. Accidental cuts into your tree’s branch collar can have fatal consequences for your growing plants. Removing tree branches without help from experts inevitably puts you and your property in harm’s way. 

Contact ISA-certified arborists for tree trimming and pruning in Albany, GA. Professional arborists undergo rigorous training and examinations to provide high-quality services for their customers. Members of the International Society of Arboriculture understand proper pruning techniques for any tree imaginable. 

This blog post explores how to trim tree limbs properly. Properly trimmed trees grow to magnificent heights, require little maintenance, and improve your landscape’s appearance. Skip the common mistakes made during DIY tree trimming projects and speak with professional arborists today. 

Importance of Trimming & Pruning Services 

Every tree benefits from annual pruning services. When tree branches grow too long, your tree may have trouble sending enough nutrients to these extraneous limbs. Hazardous branches risk breaking away from your tree and falling on pedestrians.

Additional consequences of skipping tree trimming and pruning services include: 

  • Decomposition 
  • Branches entangled in powerlines 
  • Strained vascular system 
  • Epicormic growth
  • Broken branches
  • Widespread fungal infections 

Large dying branches create welcoming environments for termites, carpenter ants, and powderpost beetles. Tree-boring insects feast on decaying wood and use neglected branches to build nests and reproduce. Keep your trees insect free by working with tree service experts. 

How Expert Arborists Trim Trees

Learning how to trim tree limbs starts with understanding your tree’s needs. For example, has your tree’s canopy grown too large and now overhangs your roof or interferes with your home’s windows? Tree service professionals can quickly identify your needs to provide the right service.

Common tree-trimming practices employed by expert arborists include the following. 

Crown Thinning 

Crown thinning involves removing no more than one-quarter of your tree’s canopy to allow sunlight to reach your tree’s interior. Professional arborists use aerial lifts and tree loppers to reach your tree’s canopy and make proper pruning cuts. Crown thinning can help improve your tree’s aesthetics and health, as sunlight more easily penetrates less dense canopies. 

Crown Raising 

Crown raising involves removing lower-canopy branches to reduce tree hazards. Experts make pruning cuts at the node, avoiding deep cuts into the branch collar or leaving behind unsightly stumps. Improper pruning cuts inevitably invite toxic mold spores, fungal infections, and diseases into your tree.

Professional Service From ISA-Certified Arborists 

Tree service experts should handle all your trimming and pruning needs. Years of training, education, and examinations make ISA-certified arborists well-equipped to tackle any tree limb trimming project. The advantages of working with experts who know how to trim tree limbs properly include longer-lasting trees and fewer safety concerns. 

Well-maintained trees increase property value and provide much-needed shade in the summer. Give your trees the TLC they need by contacting professional arborists today! 

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