How Long Does It Take for a Tree To Grow?

If you’ve ever gone out shopping for trees to plant on your property, the question, “How long does it take for a tree to grow?” has probably already crossed your mind before. Interestingly, every tree species has a different lifespan and growth rate.

In this post, we’ll explore the factors that affect how a tree grows to better understand how long it takes a tree to fully grow, as advised by the best tree service contractor in Albany.

Factors That Affect Tree Growth

The following factors determine how fast trees will grow:

Tree Species

Some tree species have rapid growth rates with short lifespans, while others have slower growth rates with longer lifespans. For example, tree species like the oak tree can stay in the sapling stage for years; however, others will grow faster and healthier and start producing fruits earlier.


The climate and availability of water determine how fast a tree will reach full maturity. Often, harsh weather will slow down a tree’s growth rate. Trees in tropical climates and those with plenty of water supply will grow and mature much faster than their counterparts in cooler regions. 

Water Supply

Still asking yourself the question, “How long does it take for a tree to grow?” The tree’s access to water matters as well. Every living being needs water, and that includes trees.

If a tree has easy access to water, it will grow faster than a tree with a limited water supply.


Plants need water and sunlight for photosynthesis. That said, trees growing in shaded regions with limited access to sunlight grow at a slower rate. While some trees thrive under partial sunlight, most sun-loving trees will have stunted growth without sufficient access to the sun’s rays.


Like water, a tree with sufficient nutrients for proper growth and development will grow faster than another in nutrient-deficient conditions.


Healthy, moisture-rich soils, unlike dry soils, encourage proper root development and speed up tree growth. Most trees need soil with sufficient moisture for proper root function and faster growth to maturity.

Bottom Line

Overall, you can’t tell with certainty how long an individual tree will take to grow. However, you can make a prediction based on the tree species, factoring in environmental conditions, water supply, sunlight, soil conditions, and location of the tree.

A tree provided with whatever it needs to grow will grow according to its natural progression.

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