What Is a Branch Collar on a Tree: Identification Guide

Many property owners prune their trees without understanding how their anatomy influences healing. What is a branch collar on a tree? Why is it important? We at Green Acres provide Albany’s tree trimming and pruning service.

So we imparted our industry knowledge about a tree’s anatomy to you. 

The Anatomy of a Tree Limb

First, examine the tree’s anatomy in relation to pruning cuts. Most people are familiar with tree branches and trunks. However, each tree branch has more to it than what meets the eye. 


The trunk is the part of the tree that connects the roots to the branches. It is the tall, cylindrical body that draws nutrients from the roots. The trunk provides the infrastructure for the roots to disperse to the uppermost branches, twigs, and leaves. 


The branch is one of many large offshoots that originate from the main body. Smaller twigs and leaves grow from these outstretched offshoots. The branches aid in accessing and using sunlight for photosynthesis. 

Branch Ridge

You can identify the branch ridge by carefully examining the area where the upper side of the branch meets the trunk. A small seam of bark characterizes its presence. It is located directly above the branch collar. 

Branch Collar

The branch collar is directly beneath the ridge on the underside of the branch. It has a subtler appearance. If you notice a slightly raised mound of bark where the branch meets the truck, you identified the collar! 

What Is a Branch Collar on a Tree?

What is a branch collar on a tree? Why is it important for proper pruning practices? Both collar and ridge indicate the area where you can safely prune dying branches. These parts form the branch protection zone.

In their own way, healthy trees prune themselves by sealing off a damaged branch via the protection zone. The branch gradually dies without access to the trunk’s nutritive highway. Similarly, understanding the reasons why tree burls exists is another aspect of tree health, as burls can be indicators of the tree’s response to stress or injury, much like the formation of the branch collar.

The Branch Collar’s Importance in Pruning

When you use the branch collar to indicate the proper cutting area, you protect the trunk’s integrity and ensure that your tree can properly heal itself with little to no assistance. Cutting too deep into the trunk injures an elemental part of the tree’s infrastructure: its nutrient highway. Cutting too far away from this area forces the tree to use extra energy to cut off the supply.

A pruning cut on just the right area enables the tree to heal quickly without spending excess energy. Once you locate the collar, ridge, and the area at which they meet, you should prune just above this area for best results. 

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