How To Trim a Tree That Is Too Tall the Safe Way

Do you have a tree on your property that’s too tall for the space you planted it in? Trimming can help you mitigate the risks the tree poses. However, learning how to trim a tree that is too tall requires specialized expertise.

This article will share tips on how to safely trim a tall tree, highlighting why you should schedule professional tree trimming and pruning in Albany, GA.

The Dangers of Trimming a Tall Tree

Trimming a tall tree involves more than placing a ladder along the tree and climbing up. Without taking the proper precautions, you could risk severe injury or costly property damage.

Accessing the branches of a tall tree can become considerably more challenging. Once on the ladder, you’ll have to determine the most secure position to limit the risk of falling.

Afterward, you will need to make precise cuts, ensuring you do not harm the tree. Also, you must be alert that falling branches do not pose risks to your property or anyone’s safety.

Tips on How To Trim a Tree That Is Too Tall

Would you like to reduce your tall tree’s height or manage its vertical growth? Trimming it can help.

While doing so is far from easy, certain tips will help you learn how to trim a tree that is too tall. Some of these tips include:

  • Make the cuts above lateral branches not less than a third of the diameter of the branch you plan to remove.
  • The cuts should be at a 45-degree angle.
  • Slope the cuts away from the tree’s center to help direct growth outward and prevent the formation of weak angles.

Additional Tree Trimming Tips

In addition to the tips we’ve shared above, let’s review a few additional trimming guidelines you should keep in mind.

Don’t Make Flush Cuts

Flush cuts involve those that remove the branch at the point it connects to the tree. They damage the tree trunk and provide bacteria with an opportunity to infect the tree.

Avoid Excessive Trimming

Don’t cut more than 25% of the tree’s crown in one trimming session. Doing so can negatively impact your tree’s growth and overall health.

Choose the Right Time

Do not trim the tree in the middle of summer when it experiences active growth and photosynthesis. Instead, do so during spring or winter, when the tree lies dormant.

Contact a Professional

Though these tips can help, it is still always best to consult a licensed arborist when in need of professional tree services.

Quality Tree Trimming in Albany, GA

Learning how to trim a tree that is too tall can be daunting. Fortunately, we can help you avoid these frustrations.

Thanks to our experience and specialized training, we can handle every aspect of tree care, from trimming to full tree removal. We will assess your tree’s needs, helping you choose the best approach between pruning vs. trimming.

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