Why Are Branches Falling Off My Tree?

“Why are branches falling off my tree?” is a question that has possibly kept you up at night, making you toss and turn as you ponder the mysterious shedding habits of your beloved specimen. Trees, much like the best of us, can go through rough patches, too.

As Albany’s expert tree trimming and pruning crew, we at Green Acres Tree Service & Land Clearing have helped countless clients answer this age-old mystery. Keep reading as we break down the likely culprit and what to do next.

How Hot Is the Weather?

Sun-drenched summers can become a nightmare for your towering giants. As hardy as they are, trees can still ditch their branches on those increasingly warm and dry days.

Experts suspect that it’s a plant’s response to severe water stress. During those blistering days, a tree may lose more water through its leaves than it can absorb through its roots. As a quick fix, it decides to cut down on some foliage, a classic example of nature’s survival tactics at play.

Watch out for these conditions and prepare for sudden tree limb drops the moment you notice them:

  • Drastic changes in branch movement and appearance
  • The surrounding soil feels very dry
  • Shrunken tree structure
  • Prolonged bouts of hot weather
  • Erratic humidity changes

What to Do Next?

Now that we’ve answered your concern, “Why are branches falling off my tree?” it’s time to plan your next move. Consider incorporating these practices into your routine.

Monitor Your Trees

As part of your routine, keep an eye out for signs of tree rotting alongside other issues. Make your daily stroll around the yard a habit. Snap a few shots of your trees from different angles and at different times; these visuals could prove invaluable in tracking changes over time, including the early detection of decay.

Prune Preemptively

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to overhanging tree branches. Any arborist worth their salt will tell you that scheduled trimming is a smart move. 

Limbs that dangle ominously over structures or traffic areas are an accident waiting to happen. They can transform into hazardous projectiles in the blink of an eye during a particularly hot summer.

Reposition Your Furniture

Take proactive measures to protect your furniture! That antique rocking chair you love or your kid’s cherished swing set don’t need to become casualties in the crossfire of falling branches. Try to create a safe distance between your tree and any valuable items. 

Consult a Local Arborist

When we feel a bit under the weather, we always seek the advice of a trained medical professional, right? Trees warrant the same level of care and concern. If you find yourself scratching your head, unable to decipher your concern, “Why are branches falling off my tree?” reach out to us at Green Acres Tree Service & Land Clearing.

Give us a call at 229-881-2538! We love to help our clients keep their living landscapes lush and healthy. Explore our blog and learn what a branch collar is, how to maintain the vigor of aging trees, the warning signs of internal cracking, and more.


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