What Does Tree Rot Look Like in Leesburg, GA?

Nothing comes close to the majestic beauty a healthy, fully matured tree adds to a property. However, with tree rot a real possibility, that beauty might be short-lived.

What is tree rot? What does tree rot look like? Read on to learn everything you need to know about recognizing tree decay and how Leesburg’s tree service can help you restore your tree’s health.

What Is Tree Rot?

Also known as heart rot disease, tree rot is a fungal disease that attacks mature trees that are weak, unhealthy, or experiencing environmental stressors. The disease causes your tree to decay from the inside out.

Types of Tree Rot

The first step to identifying decaying trees is learning the different ways the disease manifests. Here are some of the common types of tree rot and how they appear.

White Rot

This type of rot affects your tree’s lignin, which is what gives your tree its strength and brown color. As the fungus attacks and breaks it down, your tree will find it hard to support its weight. Eventually, it will develop a bulge as it starts to buckle. It will also start to look wet and spongy and will have a yellow or white color.

Brown Rot

Sometimes, the fungus could attack a tree’s cellulose and hemicellulose, causing the tree to become brittle and dark brown.

Many consider brown rot to be more serious than white rot. This is because it causes your tree to lose its flexibility, making it a lot more vulnerable to strong winds.

Soft Rot

This is the least severe of all tree rot. Instead of affecting the entire tree, this disease breaks down a tree’s lignin and cellulose in small areas.

Symptoms of Tree Decay

What does tree rot look like? One of the main visual indicators of tree rot is a leaning tree. As the disease compromises your tree’s structural integrity, the tree will begin to lean.

Other signs of tree rot include:

  • Mushroom-like growths on the tree’s branches, trunk, or base
  • Wilting leaves
  • Slowed or stunted growth
  • Dead branches
  • Sawdust at your tree’s base
  • Trunks splitting into “V” shapes

Professional Tree Care in Leesburg, GA

Detecting the appearance of tree rot is extremely difficult. In fact, many don’t know something is wrong until it’s too late. Fortunately, reaching out to a certified arborist the moment you notice worrying signs can go a long way in ensuring your tree’s survival.

At Green Acres Tree Service & Land Clearing, we are always ready to offer professional tree care. Thanks to our experience and expertise, you can rest easy knowing your tree is in good hands.

Are you asking yourself, “What does tree rot look like?” Call Green Acres Tree Service & Land Clearing at (229) 881-2538 and let us help you determine if your tree is decaying.

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