How to Prune an Overgrown Apple Tree

Many of Georgia’s homeowners wonder how to prune an overgrown apple tree for the best fruit production. Dorsett Golden, Granny Smith, and Ozark Gold apple trees produce exceptionally well in the area. However, accidentally damaging the apple tree should be a primary concern, so why not contact Albany’s tree trimming and pruning experts for help removing branches?

Otherwise, we include a few expert pruning tips below to foster the healthy growth of beautiful trees.

Identifying Overgrown Trees Requires A Quick Inspection

The signs of an overgrown apple tree include the following: 

  • Dead branches
  • Epicormic growth (a sign of stress)
  • Discolored, dead wood 
  • Sucker, whorl, and water spout growth
  • Lower branches shorter than upper branches

Arborists would also consider a tree overgrown when its larger branches intersect smaller branches to reduce the sunlight from reaching the tree’s base.

Pruning Overgrown Apple Trees

With apple trees, plan your pruning project for late winter or early spring. Deep cuts into the bark or  improper cuts into branch collars of apple trees during the dead of winter or summer’s peak could expose them to severe damage from the following:

  • Wood rot
  • Insect infestations
  • Stunted growth
  • UV radiation
  • Frost crack
  • Damage to the softwood and more

If there are clear signs of overgrowth, the next step would be to start safely removing the right branches as follows:

1. Cut Away Dead Branches

Dead branches will sap vital nutrients from healthy apple tree branches, so remove them from the canopy and tree base. Dying branches discolor and show cracked or chipping bark. 

2. Remove Low or Downward Facing Branches

Low and downward-facing branches will not produce high-quality fruit. Use your pruning shears to safely remove branches around the tree’s base or those competing for light and space. You will also need to handle crisscrossing branches that block oxygen, sunlight, and nutrients from effectively stimulating tree growth.

3. Ask The Professionals 

Besides the shade and fruit, the beauty of well-maintained apple trees may also improve the property value for those who know how to get the most out of them. Tree-trimming professionals can offer the training and experience to safely remove branches from overgrown apple trees for optimal fruit production. 

These tree service experts optimize the health of your tree as follows:

  • Helpful advice
  • Soil quality tests
  • Tree health assessments and more

Additional Tips For How To Prune An Overgrown Apple Tree 

Safety First 

Apple trees are not always smooth, so wear protective clothing, shoes, and eyewear trimming an apple tree.

Tree Inspection 

Are the bottom branches larger than the canopy ones? An expert eye makes it simple to identify these types of issues so that you prune the tree correctly.

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Green Acres Tree Service proudly serves the Georgia community. Before breaking out the pruning shears and ladder, why not let us inspect the tree? Without proper care, hastily removing branches might negatively affect the apple trees’ fruit production and growth.

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