Preparations Before Professionals Cut a Tree Down for Removal

If you are preparing for a tree removal company to cut a tree down in your yard, you must know a few essential things. Proper preparation for a tree removal company is courteous and ensures the safety of your property and belongings. Read on to learn more about tree removal readiness from the superior tree service in Albany.

Clearing fall area

During the tree removal process, the tree will fall to the ground. The larger the tree density, the larger the impact will have on the surroundings. Nearby dead trees and weak branches may fall with the intended tree, so exercising caution is wise.

Things you’ll want to remove include:

  • Patio furniture
  • Lawn accessories
  • Lighting
  • Playsets
  • Toys
  • Potted plants

In addition to moving untethered items, you’ll want to consider things attached to your property. These items may include mailboxes, shrubs, walkway linings, or lighting. If you feel you can’t remove them, anticipate that they will sustain damage. Other obstacles that may sustain damage include surrounding trees, additional structures, and utility lines.

Moving vehicles

After removing the essential items from the fall area, you’ll want to relocate your vehicles. If the tree height is visible from any parked car, it is not safe from the tree removal process. You should additionally move other vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, and ATVs.

Moving vehicles makes necessary room for the tree removal company’s trucks, cherry pickers, cranes, and wood chippers. A large crew requires massive amounts of equipment to be parked nearby and quickly accessible. Plan to give as much parking space as possible to the tree removal company, and it will save much time.

Telling neighbors

If you have not already, you’ll want to let your neighbors know that you are having professionals come cut a tree down. It is considerate to give them as much notice as possible, but at least within two days to ensure they have time to clear adequately. Additionally, they might want to make sure they are not planning on being outside near the site of tree removal.

Another reason that it is important to tell your neighbors is to ensure that you will not harm their trees or structures in the process. Review the beginning and end of your property lines to ensure the intended trees are not too close to your neighbor’s property. If you share a driveway or street parking with your neighbors, they will need to move their cars until the tree removal is complete.

Need Help?

After the fall, you’ll likely have a mess. Unlike other tree removal companies, Green Acres Tree Service leaves your property looking better than when we arrived. This is because our licensed and insured crew members treat every removal with the utmost integrity, cleaning up after we cut a tree down.

Green Acres Tree Service offers quality tree and forest maintenance to the Albany area. Our vast arboreal background can make your forest dreams come true. Learn more about the best times for tree removal and call us at (229) 881-2538 for a free estimate today!


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