4 Benefits of Forestry Mulching on Your Property

Mulch has considerable proven benefits for the soil in your garden. It usually comprises organic materials like wood chips, animal manure, or straw. 

So, if you’ve got some trees and shrubs to remove on your property, why not take advantage of this readily available source of mulch? A forestry mulching machine can do just that.

These machines remove trees by chopping and grinding them into small chunks of useful mulch. You can leave this valuable organic material in place or easily scoop it up and move it to other areas of your garden. 

Keep reading to find out how forestry mulching can benefit you.

1. Forestry Mulching Is Environmentally Friendly

Land clearing gets a bad rap in ecologically sensitive areas since it destroys animal habitats and promotes erosion.

Forestry mulching takes a gentler approach when removing unwanted vegetation. It simply accelerates the natural process of decline, decay, and renewal in forests. 

There’s only one machine involved, which limits soil damage, and the process leaves behind a layer of mulch to nourish the soil and create a healthy environment for insects and small creatures. 

Thanks to this, forestry mulching is a good option if you want to manage vegetation, create a barrier for wildfires, or clear a space for lawn landscaping.

2. It’s Good For Small Spaces

Heavy-duty mulchers can clear huge swathes of land quickly, but you can also carry out forestry mulching for much smaller areas. A mulcher can deal with just one plant at a time when necessary. 

This makes it an ideal land clearing method for gardens, where you want to remove damaged trees, without the impact of heavy vehicles trundling over your lawn.

Naturally, hiring only one vehicle and operator for your project works out a lot cheaper, too. 

3. It’s Great For Soil Improvement

Forestry mulching immediately deposits a layer of attractive and functional organic material on-site. 

This mulch has enormous proven benefits for the soil. It decomposes slowly, reduces evaporation, and gradually releases vital nutrients into the soil.

In this way, forestry mulching enriches your garden soil, reduces soil acidity, and raises its PH levels. It also acts as a fire buffer and resists the growth of mold and fungus which can harm your plants.  

Forestry mulching is the ideal starting point when landscaping your garden or getting rid of unwanted invasive vegetation.

4. Mulching Prevents Erosion

Bare soil is prone to erosion from wind and water, which leads to poor drainage and a lack of topsoil to nourish new plant growth. 

The mulch layers left behind by a forestry mulcher help weigh the soil, keeping it in place and protecting the root systems of nearby shrubs, trees, and natural grasses. 

Explore the Benefits of Forestry Mulching  

While we can’t deny the benefits of forestry mulching for your garden, it also offers a few perks for you. It’s by far the quickest, easiest, and most affordable way to clean up your property or get started with your landscaping plans. 

Do you need help clearing alien vegetation or removing damaged trees on your property? Get in touch to discuss our forestry mulching services or request an estimate. 


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