Tree Removal Permit Albany, GA – City of Albany Tree Ordinance

Tree removal may not always be ideal, but it’s sometimes necessary. If a tree becomes a hazard or threat to your property due to its position or condition, it’s crucial to have it properly removed by a tree specialist.

If you’re considering tree removal, be sure to check the relevant city requirements. The Albany City Council’s tree regulations protect the safety, welfare, and public health of Albany citizens by regulating the removal of trees in the city. The standards aim to balance the preservation of significant trees as a benefit to the community.

How to File for a Tree Removal Permit Albany, GA

You need a permit from the City Forester to remove a tree equal to or greater than 25 inches in diameter on all property within the limits of the City of Albany. The permit shall be valid for 180 days following the issuance date. The application fees for tree removal permits shall be determined by Council resolution.

If you’re granted a permit with conditions or denied a permit, you may appeal the imposition of condition or denial by filing a written notice of appeal to the City Forester. The City Forester’s office must receive the notice within 15 days of the date of issuance of the permit with conditions imposed or the date of denial. You must describe in writing the specific basis upon which you assert the decision was in error.

A tree removal permit will be approved when:

  • The City Forester or certified arborist without objection from the City Forester determines that the tree is significantly affected by aggressive pathogens or pests, is dangerous or hazardous, and that no other viable options can reasonably alleviate the risk of pest or pathogen spread or minimize the hazard.
  • Tree removal is necessary under a building permit for an improvement that doesn’t require a site plan approval.
  • Trees are overcrowded and the City Forester determines that removal will positively impact the site and not compromise the health of residual trees.
  • When you express your unique circumstances in writing with the application, the City Tree Commission can approve the removal of:
    • An invasive tree that’s having a significant negative impact on surrounding vegetation.
    • A tree that affects your health by causing, for example, severe allergic reactions.
    • A tree that’s negatively impacting personal property or improvements.

Protecting Residual Trees

When removing trees under a tree removal permit or site plan approval, you must take precautions to protect residual trees and roots from damage during and after the removal.

What to Expect During a Tree Removal

What to expect during a tree removal depends on several factors. The size and location of the tree will affect how removal takes place. A tree that stands far from any buildings or obstructions will require less work than one that’s close to a house or near power lines. The cost of removal will also depend on the size of the tree and the job difficulty.

How It Works

If the tree has sufficient space, then your tree removal service can cut it down in one piece. The tree service cuts the tree in the direction they need it to fall, then cuts it into smaller pieces once it’s on the ground. A tree that’s close to any power lines or buildings needs to be scaled and have its branches cut off individually from the top down.

What Constitutes Tree Removal?

According to Albany’s code of ordinances, tree removal is any activity that causes a tree to die or decline to the extent that it requires physical removal within three years after the act. It may include:

  • Excessive or improper pruning
  • Neglect
  • Paving with asphalt, concrete, or other impervious materials close enough to the tree to cause harm
  • Changing the natural root system by soil compaction, storage of materials, or intervention of machinery
  • Improper planting

Professional Tree Removal in Albany, GA

Once you have a tree removal permit in Albany, GA, you can count on us to do the rest. Our attention to detail sets us apart. We work hard to meet and exceed expectations. That means no unwanted stumps, roots, or branches left behind when you hire us to remove a tree. We also provide land clearing services.

At Green Acres Tree Service, we take pride in being tree experts. If you need tree removal services, our highly trained and licensed arborists will assess the removal and equipment needed and remove the tree professionally. Contact us today by dialing (299) 881-2538 for a free estimate. We look forward to serving you.


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