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Unwanted bush and overgrown trees can render your valuable land unusable as well as provide a breeding spot for harmful pests and rodents. You can safely clear your lot with the help of a mulching professional. 

If you need a professional to handle forestry mulching, contact the expert at Green Acres Tree Service. With a team of experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment, Green Acres can help you realize the potential of your unworkable land and turn it into a fully functioning property that you will be proud of.

What is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry mulching is a method of clearing and preparing a site using a machine to handle the task of cutting, grinding and clearing vegetation. Forestry mulching is one of the most eco-friendly ways to clear your uninhabitable land no matter the size of the property. In addition to land clearing, the service is also used for wildfire management and vegetation management.

What Are The Benefits of Forestry Mulching?

It is Fast and Efficient

Although the duration for forestry mulching will vary depending on a number of factors such as the total area, density and terrain. However, a well-equipped mulching company can clear an average of one acre of land in about two to 3 hours.

Provide Quick Results

The results you get from forestry mulching are quick compared to other methods of land clearing. A forest mulcher grinds vegetation at a very fast speed, leaving a protective covering of mulch which is highly beneficial to your landscape. For example, mulching can help prevent soil erosion and acts as a fire buffer.

Eliminate cost of hauling debris

Mere cutting down your trees would leave you with the additional task of hauling the fallen trees to where they can safely be disposed of. With forestry mulching, there’s no need to pay for as all vegetation leftover from land clearing can be converted to a useful layer of ground covering.

Prevent Erosion

Using other land clearing services can leave your home with a large swath of bare dirt which may wash away during wind and rainstorm, creating an erosion issue on your land. With forestry mulching, you will reduce the risk of erosion significantly. The mulch keeps the soil in place while helping it to retain important nutrients.

If you’re thinking about clearing your land, and are interested in forestry mulching, speak to the experts at Green Acres Tree Services. The Moultrie tree service boosts of experienced staff, trained arborists and modern equipment to complete your land clearing project correctly, and on time. For more information,  call: (229) 881-2538.


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