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Spring is an amazing time of the year, the cold winter is gradually phasing out into the warmer months and trees need all the care that they can get during this period. Getting them ready to enjoy the warm summer months is a top priority for any tree owner.

This requires deliberate effort, and it is best done by professionals who are trained in proper tree care techniques, although there are some basic tips that every tree owner should know that will help keep their trees cared for during springtime.

Spring Tree Care Tips

For those with trees around their properties or those with a garden to tend, spring is a great time to go outdoors and show those trees some love after the harsh winter months. There are a few simple things to do to get started. These include:

  • Spring Cleaning Time is Here

One of the first things to do is to embark on some outdoor spring cleaning. Surely, a lot of debris including leaves, twigs, and fruits have collected around the trees over the winter months. A rake can come in handy in clearing these away, which is necessary because they can harbor fungal growth.

  • Properly Inspect The Trees

Anything could have happened to the trees during the long winter months. This makes it a good idea to have a close look at the trees for signs of damage that might have been caused by the extreme winter weather.

  • Check For Pests And Diseases

Another important tip is checking for any signs of pests and diseases. This is better handed over to a tree service expert, but tree owners could also make themselves familiar with the diseases and pests that are likely to affect trees that they own. Pests like caterpillars, moths, aphids, spider mites are all common culprits.

How To Find A Tree Service Expert In Moultrie, GA

Tree owners that are looking to hire a certified arborist in the Moultrie area of Georgia have nothing to worry about because Green Acres Tree Service is available to take care of all their tree-related needs.

Green Acres Tree Service is a full-service tree company that has garnered years of experience caring for trees in and around Moultrie. They provide excellent tree services at competitive rates

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