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Forestry mulching is a method of land clearing that is both efficient and eco-friendly. In this process, a forestry mulching machine is used. This is a piece of machinery that utilizes a kind of rotary drum equipped with steel teeth that are used to shred vegetation.

These machines are usually manufactured as mulching attachments which can be combined with already existing machinery like forestry tractors and skid steers. Forestry mulchers are useful for clearing land, wildfire prevention and management, and wildlife restoration.

Benefits Of Forest Mulching

Clearing land using a forestry mulching machine comes with some benefits, here are some of them:

  • Fast and efficient Land Clearing

Forestry mulching is a very efficient way of clearing vegetation. A single forestry mulcher can be used to clear a large swath of land in a very short period of time.

  • It is Eco-Friendly

What a forestry mulcher does is that it literally chews up whole trees and vegetation, then spits them out as mulch. This mulch is nutrient-rich, it can double as compost for the soil, and also help in preventing erosion.

  • It is convenient

Other methods of land clearing leave behind lots of debris including huge pieces of wood, grasses, and vegetation. These will then require special permits to get rid of. This is not the case with forestry mulching, there is no debris to get rid of, and the by-product is useful to the soil.

  • It is Perfect for Invasive Species removal

Invasive species are plants that basically colonize any land that they grow in. They are usually not natural to the habitat that they are growing in and they spread very quickly. In this instance, there is only so much that can be done by hand clearing. Using a forestry mulcher, on the other hand, removes the plants from the roots, chews them up, and returns them to the soil as nutrients. 

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