Albany Tree Service Experts Open For Business In The Winter Months

Winter is here, and for the next three months your trees are going to be in a state of dormancy. If you ignore your trees during this period, rest assured they will experience stunted growth and develop other problems. This is a perfect time to take good care of your trees to enhance their growth and keep them in optimum health throughout the winter months.

So, how can you care for your trees during winter?

Winter Tree Care Tips To Keep Your Trees Healthy

A good time to prune

During the winter months, trees go into dormancy, making this period a perfect time for pruning. It is best to prune trees while they are young to create a good structure and prevent future damage to the organs of the tree. This helps your trees to live longer.

Quick steps to pruning young trees the right way:

  • First, you need to remove dead, dying, damaged, diseased branches so they don’t affect other healthy parts.
  • Pick the central leader.
  • Choose the lowest permanent branch (LPB) based on tree location.
  • Establish scaffold branches.
  • Choose temporary branches below the LPB and remove

If you lack the proper tools and experience to carry out a pruning exercise then it is best to simply hire a certified tree care expert to get the job done professionally and avoid wasting your time.

Protect your trees from freezing

Another important thing you need to be ready to do during the winter months is providing protection for your most vulnerable trees when temperatures drop to freezing. Young trees and some tropical species cannot withstand freezing temperature below 32 degrees.  One of the effective ways to protect your trees from freezing is covering susceptible trees with burlap, sheets, and tarps that extend to the ground to trap in the earth’s accumulated warmth.

Need A Certified Tree Care Expert For Your Tree Care Needs In Albany?

The tree care experts at Green Acres offer tree removal, tree pruning, land clearing, forestry mulching, and emergency tree care services to residents of Albany and its surrounding areas. They are highly rated, licensed and insured, have the latest tools to provide, and provide excellent tree care services at competitive prices throughout the winter months.

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