How To Prepare for a Backyard Tree Removal

Nobody wants to say goodbye to their beloved backyard tree. But the longer you let it sit through old age, disease, and damage, the likelier it is to collapse in your yard and damage your property. 

Instead, it’s best to schedule a backyard tree removal in Albany by Green Acres to keep you and your home safe. This post will walk you through every step you should take before our team arrives to maximize your service.

Protect Your Valuables

Even when handled by a professional tree removal company, tree removal is a dangerous job. And while the skilled crew at Green Acres will keep you protected, it’s up to you to ensure your valuables are safe from falling tree branches. 

Anything in your backyard could take damage depending on the size of the tree you’re removing. So you’ll need to relocate everything worth protecting away from the removal site and ideally to a roofed area where debris won’t hit your valuables. 

If you can’t move an item, covering it with a tarp can help soften the blow of falling tree parts.

Create Space for the Crew and Equipment

A professional tree removal service requires a healthy handful of crew members and even more heavy-duty equipment. To give the team the space they need to work and wheel in the necessary machines, you’ll need to make space on and around your property. 

In addition to making space in the backyard, you should clear space on the road in front of your home for extra vehicles and the garage and front yard for temporary equipment storage.

Let Your Neighbors Know

Informing your neighbors of your tree removal service allows them to prepare for a noisy day and relocate any of their outdoor valuables that might be at risk. But more importantly, your neighbors can help you make space for the crew. 

Small or medium-sized houses often aren’t large enough to comfortably hold all the trucks and crew members needed for effective backyard tree removal. But if your neighbors are anticipating a service team to come by, they can clear space in front of their property for extra room.

Consult With the Removal Crew

Tree removal can be as simple as a crew safely cutting down your unwanted tree and cleaning up the debris or as extensive as getting the team to remove a stump and fill the hole after the removal. You’ll need to consult with the removal team before they begin to narrow down what you want. 

Talking with the crew before they arrive can even make the removal quicker and easier since they won’t need to bring stump removal equipment if you don’t want that service.

Schedule a Backyard Tree Removal Today

Look no further than Green Acres for the best tree removal in Albany. We offer scheduled or emergency tree removal and are licensed and skilled to remove any type of tree from any property safely. 

Call us today at (229) 881-2538 to receive a free estimate or learn more about the link between dead tree removal and homeowner’s insurance.


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